October 13, 2016



Initial situation

Imagine that we are locked up for 10 years, 100 years, 1000 years ... with Poppy in a spaceship. That we danse with it every day. What singular language will emerge from the resonance of our bodies so different? What will we put in common while keeping our singularities?

« I do not know anything about my body. I seek, I explore, I listen to the body of the other and this body is all my world. Nothing happens. I try something else, another movement. At that moment, my body resonates with that of the other in a point, an inclination, a rhythm. I memorize this point, this inclination, this rhythm and I associate it with a sound. I explore again until another meeting takes place ... »

Poppy Humanoïd is an open source robot created by the Flowers Lab at Inria Bordeaux

The project

Poppy N+Z is performance for 2 Poppy Humanoïd, the dancers Bi-Jia Yang & Marius Sawadogo, the philosopher Ludovic Duhem and the musicians Benoit Bottex & Léos Ator, designed and realised in collaboration with the Flowers team of Inria Bordeaux
Initially, Poppy's movements are erratic, only defined by the limits of his body. He seeks, listening to his body and the other. Only the physical resonance of certain sounds determines the moving parts of his body. At t0 + n, its movement will meet the one of the dancer at a point of space, and this point, their bodies will keep it in memory, reinforce it. The paths that will take their bodies to join this point remain remarkable. Meeting after meeting, performance after performance, a common mapping of their bodies in space will take shape, made up of all these points of intersection through which they will pass, together, a kind of shared constellation.

Première au Dôme

State Festival – Berlin

Première au Dôme (version longue)

In partnership with

Flowers team - Inria Bordeaux,
The cultural department of the city of Talence,
The French Institute,
Le Carrefour Numérique2 de La Cité des Sciences - La Villette


Marius Sawadogo


Ludovic Duhem


Théo Segonds


Bi-Jia Yang


Benoit Bottex


Samuel Roure


Emmanuelle Grangier


Léos Ator


Poppy Humanoïd


Special thanks to

Pierre-Yves Oudeyer ,
Thierry Dasse ,
Valérie Roques,
Anne-Laure Thessard ,
Daniel Clin ("The Captain") & Maxime Blanc ("The Lieutenant"),
Beatriz Sétien & Olivier Devèze

Compagnie P.A.S.

Emmanuelle Grangier / Choreographer : +33 6 59 09 65 62

Lionel Stora / Production & Diffusion : +33 7 83 13 07 86